Choosing the right eCommerce fraud prevention solution for your business can be challenging. With a wide variety of tools and systems available, it can be difficult to find a solution that best meets your needs. This buyer’s kit guides you through every step of assessing a fraud solution.


Read the CNP fraud terms lexicon and learn the pros & cons of common approaches to managing online fraud.

Assess fraud operations and learn how to benchmark current performance to identify areas for improvement.

Familiarize yourself with key fraud management metrics and learn how to properly interpret and use them.

Learn About CNP Fraud Management

Understand Fraud Prevention KPI’s

Evaluate Your Current Performance

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Find A Solution That Meets Your Needs

Use our list of key questions to identify the best third party fraud prevention solution provider for your business.

Download Buyer’s Kit

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Procuring An eCommerce Fraud Solution

Procuring An eCommerce Fraud Solution


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