In this in-depth report, Riskified provides online ticket merchants with insights and actionable tips to address online fraud. 

Riskified has extensive experience safely driving eCommerce revenue for global event ticket merchants, including Fortune 500 companies. 

CNP Fraud in Event Ticket Sales

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CNP Fraud in Event
Ticket Sales

Valued at $30 billion and growing by 19% YoY, the global online event ticket market offers plenty of opportunity. In the US alone, revenue is expected to exceed $10 billion in 2017.

The transition online benefits consumers, but creates challenges for sellers. In this infographic we illustrate insights from our report on CNP fraud in online event tickets. 

Selling tickets online is safe

Based on Riskified data, merchants who aren’t approving 92 of every 100 orders are likely turning away good customers.

Fraudsters are big spenders

Orders worth over $1000 are four times more likely to end up as fraud compared to orders valued at $200 or less.

Orders made 60 days prior to an event are worth twice as much as orders placed day of. And approval rates for these early orders are 4% higher.

Early birds are lucrative and safe

Early birds are lucrative and safe

Which acts do fraudsters like best?

Aging rocker concerts are safer than young, trendy acts. Based on fraud rates, Justin Bieber tickets are four times more appealing to fraudsters than Guns N’ Roses tickets.

An established email is 10 times less likely to return as a chargeback compared to a brand new one.

You can learn a lot from an email

Most email addresses used to order online tickets contain a variation of the cardholder or recipient’s first or last name. An absence of this variation increases the risk of fraud.

Got link?

Nearly 80% of online ticket shoppers were first time customers, hardly surprising in such a competitive market. But recognizing returning customers is important: they are 30% less likely to commit fraud.

The mCommerce potential

Only 32% of online tickets are bought via mobile devices, leaving plenty of room for growth.

Digital tix take center stage

Two thirds of online tickets are digital, so merchants need fraud tools that account for digital parameters.

Which events do fraudsters prefer?

Festival ticket orders are four times more likely to be targeted by fraudsters when compared to sporting event orders.