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Account takeover attacks (ATOs) are on the rise: fraudsters have learned that while they require a little more effort, they yield better rewards than basic CNP fraud. This report examines consumer and retailers’ attitudes towards account takeovers, sharing insights from a comprehensive survey of 4,000 online shoppers and 425 merchants. Read to discover some of the key MOs fraudsters use when executing ATO attacks and learn tips on how to detect a bad actor at the first point of contact: the login.


The Login Dilemma: Shopping 
in the Age of Account Takeovers

Riskified’s 2020 Account Security Survey Results

The Login Dilemma: Shopping in the Age
of Account Takeovers 

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7th May, 9AM EST

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Customer Loyalty in the Era of eCommerce

Amarelle Wenkert

Content Writer at Riskified

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Discover how online consumers feel about ATO attacks and the stores that fail to prevent them; see insights from our survey of 4,500 consumers and merchants

Understand the methods fraudsters use to obtain valuable account login credentials

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