How centralizing fraud management gives Banca Sella’s merchants peace-of-mind to grow their business  


master account to 
review all merchant data


in fraud-related chargebacks


increase in conversion rates

Meet Banca Sella

Founded by the Sella family in 1886, Banca Sella is one of Italy’s oldest independent banks. Over the years it has evolved into an internationally recognized business, offering the latest digital services, while still maintaining the family values upon which it was built. The bank prides itself on transparency, moral duty and providing the best possible service to their customers. It offers comprehensive electronic services including payment systems, eCommerce and digital solutions, including the Gestpay payments gateway portal which services more than 8000 merchants worldwide and plays an essential role in expanding the scope of Banca Sella’s interaction with global markets.

The Challenge

Prior to partnering with Riskified, Banca Sella provided its merchants with a rules-based fraud detection platform, but the Group knew they needed to find a new way to scale their growing business; to address eCommerce fraud in a scalable way that would facilitate their merchants’ bottom line. They searched for a solution that could complement the integrity of the shopping experience that the bank’s merchants wished for their end customers. 

“We wanted a tailored solution to meet the needs of every merchant. No matter what the industry or geography, Riskified proves its values with each new rollout.”

Riccardo Gallia

Anti-fraud Programme 

“We envisioned a solution that would let our merchants provide an online journey on par with their in-store shopping experience. Riskified delivers a frictionless, invisible fraud review process that results in more 
business and happier customers.

Alessandro Bocca

Head of eCommerce & Global Acceptance Services

The Solution 

Banca Sella sought a streamlined approach that would not require maintenance and management resources. They also wanted an alternative to the 3-D Secure protocol, to improve conversion rates and eliminate friction. Finally, they favored a solution they could roll out with ease to new merchants. Banca Sella partnered with Riskified in 2016, implementing a single, end-to-end solution for each of their individual online stores, across verticals and geographies. Riskified provided Banca Sella’s merchants with a protective shield against fraud attacks, and relieved them of the need for high-friction verification methods. They saw an immediate decline in drop-off rates and an upturn in sales. Another advantage was the smooth and straightforward integration process. By simply adding an icon to the Gestpay portal, Banca Sella’s merchants can access order data. Two years on, more and more Banca Sella merchants are protected by Riskified.  

The Results

Reduction in customer friction

Within the first three months of implementing Riskified, Banca Sella merchants experienced an increase of up to 23% in conversion rates

Unparalleled technology

Banca Sella offers an innovative, accurate & flexible solution. Merchants can focus on selling, protected by a platform that addresses their current and future needs

More guaranteed revenue

Alessandro Bocca

Head of eCommerce & Global Acceptance Services

“Riskified really helped with our analysis and reporting. We manage multiple merchants through the webapp, where we can track performance in real time and identify trends. We always know what’s going on and can share relevant data with merchants and stakeholders.”

Online merchants working with Banca Sella can operate safe in the knowledge that none of their revenue will be lost to unexpected, fraud-related chargebacks 

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