This report reveals a dramatic difference between how retailers and consumers view the threat of eCommerce fraud and who they say is to blame. It is based on a recent survey of 4,000 consumers and 400 retailers across the UK, France, Germany and the US. Read the report to learn how fraud impacts customers' confidence in eCommerce, their loyalty to businesses, and merchants' bottom line.


A Crisis of Confidence

What consumers really think about merchants’ fraud protections

The European eCommerce Landscape in 2020: 

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Customer Loyalty in the Era of eCommerce

Paul Conley

Content Marketing Lead

Consumer perspectives on eCommerce fraud

Insights on global markets surveyed

Inside this report


How many consumers fell victim to fraud over the past 12 months and do they think merchants are doing enough to protect them?

What impact do various types of fraud have on merchants' revenue and do they feel confident in their ability to manage fraud effectively?

Where is the disconnect between merchants and shoppers most dramatic and what can merchants do to bridge the gap?

Fraud's impact on eCommerce merchants

A Crisis of Confidence

What consumers really think about merchants' fraud protections

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