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This report analyzes current and future forces shaping the European eCommerce landscape. It explores how online merchants must meet customer expectations, and provide a consistent experience that spans channels and borders. Meanwhile, technological advancements and regulatory changes are driving innovation, escalating competition throughout the eCommerce landscape. This report examines what merchants selling in Europe must do to stay ahead of the curve.


The European eCommerce Landscape in 2020: 

Promoting Resilience in a Disrupted Market

Bolstering the Digital Channel 
to Power Growth 

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7th May, 9AM EST

7th May | 9AM EDT

Customer Loyalty in the Era of eCommerce

Alon Livneh

Content Writer at Riskified

Bolster your omnichannel strategy 

Adapt to a post-crisis landscape

Inside this report


Meet evolving customer expectations to deliver a seamless experience that keeps customers coming back

Mitigate the risks associated with international expansion to grow your audience - and your bottom line

Understand changing consumer needs and constraints to position yourself for growth

Empower cross-border shopping