2020 turned the fashion industry on its head, sending in-store revenues plummeting while eCommerce sales soared. A transition that would’ve taken years was completed in a matter of months, giving businesses that were already strong digital players a significant advantage. Those who were not, on the other hand, often struggled to accommodate the shopping boom without sacrificing their quality of service. With this shifting balance came new consumer behaviors and a demand for technological innovation across the board. Fraud patterns also changed, proving that proactive fraud prevention technology and adaptable data-driven solutions are a necessity in today’s eCommerce landscape.

This report explores the dynamics of the post-2020 fashion industry, delving into the new challenges of omnichannel, the benefits of alternative payment methods, and the importance of frictionless customer experiences for engagement and retention.


eCommerce Fashion Report 2021

Raising the digital bar

The European eCommerce Landscape in 2020: 

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Customer Loyalty in the Era of eCommerce

Lilach Baumer

Content Writer at Riskified

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With more customers seeking omnichannel shopping journeys than ever, the fashion industry has a chance to set a new standard of user experience

Today’s online consumers want freedom of choice when it comes to payment options, making checkout an inseparable part of the customer journey

Why offering a seamless, frictionless experience from first click to fulfillment is the best way to ensure engagement, loyalty, and retention

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eCommerce Fashion Report 2021

Raising the Digital Bar

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