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What Consumers Want in 2019

  • Learn how consumers are really shopping
  • Understand why even motivated shoppers abandon their carts
  • Gain insights on how to optimize the purchase journey, boost approval rates, and cultivate trust

Riskified’s Consumer 
Survey Revealed

While it's never been easier to be a consumer, it's never been harder to be a merchant. To help decode the complex eCommerce landscape, we asked 5,000 shoppers to tell us their purchasing habits — how they shop, what makes them loyal, how they view fraud, and what keeps them from completing a purchase. 

What you will get from this report:

This report highlights the trends retailers need to keep up with in order to remain relevant in the fiercely competitive world of eCommerce. Industry executives and digital professionals alike will gain insights on providing an exceptional customer experience across channels and borders to secure long-term revenue growth.